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For additional information on our antibodies including antigen map, working dilutions, pictures of westerns and more!
FANCA (Anti-Human FANCA, polyclonal, R#7489, 7488)
FANCA (Anti-Human FANCA, monoclonal, M 5G9)
FANCC (Anti-Human FANCC, monoclonal, M 8F3)
FANCC (Anti-Human FANCC (CT), polyclonal, R#7234)
FANCC (Anti-Human FANCC (NT), polyclonal, R#7237)
FANCD2 (Anti-Human FANCD2 (NT), polyclonal, R#3686)
FANCD2 (Anti-Human FANCD2 (CT), polyclonal, R#4512)
FANCF (Anti-Human FANCF, polyclonal, R#6307)
FANCG (Anti-Human FANCG (CT), polyclonal, R#2942)
FAZF (Anti-Human FAZF, polyclonal, R#4510)