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Events of DNA R3 Interest 2007-2008

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Academic 2006-2007

Date Event Links & Refs Discussion Leader/Snack Provider Comments
Sept 5 Conf. Review :Salk DNA Replication and Genome Integrity Dan Pankratz
Monday Sept 18**Seminar Patrick Sung Sung-JBC; Sung-nature CROET (host: Amanda M.) CROET room 3524 at noon
Sept 19 Seminar:Haian Fu BMB (host: Hua Lu) M1441 12N
Oct 3 Workshop : Replication bypass of DNA Interstrand Crosslinks Sarkar; Wu; Zheng Stephen Lloyd
Nov 7Conf Review: Fanconi Meeting***Postponed***TBA Maureen
Dec 5 Chromatin Remodeling and DNA Repair slides review Chromatin-DNA damage; Tsukuda-nov2005; Histone code in DNA repair Igor Landais (Hoatlin Lab)
Jan 2 No Meeting-Happy New Year
Feb 6T. Weinert's BMB Seminar Preview: "Shelterin” and “anticheckpoints” : Protecting Telomeres From DNA Damage Responses SlidesAdmire A et al. Genes Dev. 2006; 20(2):159-173 and Michelson RJ et al. Genes Dev. 2005 19(21):2546-59 Dan Pankratz (Thayer Lab)
Feb 27Seminar: Ted Weinert BMB (Host: Matt Thayer) Vollum M1441, 12 noon
March 6
April 3Seminar:Janis Shampay Frog telomeres: not the end of the story de Lange T. Genes Dev. 2005 Sep 15;19(18):2100-10. Shelterin: the protein complex that shapes and safeguards human telomeres Hoatlin Lab Guest speaker from Reed College
May 1 BMB Seminar Preview (Karlene Cimprich)
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May 8 Seminar: Karlene Cimprich BMB (host Maureen H.) M1441 12N

** note special time and place


May 16th: Guest speaker Dr. Junjie Chen from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine "DNA damage checkpoints and tumorigenesis" Host: Hua Lu (BMB)

May 2: Guest speaker Dr. Rachel Klevit University of Washington, Seattle "Structural and Functional Insights into the BRCA1/BARD1 Ubiquitin Ligase" Host: M. Hoatlin (BMB)

April 24th and 25th: Guest speaker Dr. Mark Kelley Wells Center for Pediatric Research, Indiana University School of Medicine "Going Ape over Ref-1; Translation Implications of the DNA Repair Enzyme Ape1/Ref1 as a DNA Repair and Redox Target" Co-Hosts: M. Hoatlin (BMB) & A. McCullough (MMG)

April 4th: Stephen Lloyd. CROET, "Base excision repair of DNA damaged by reactive oxygen Species"

March 28th: Alex Sobeck (BMB, Hoatlin Lab) will cover highlights of a newly-recognized component of the BLM helicase complex called BLAP75. BLM is a member of the recQ family of 3'-5' DNA helicases, which includes five human homologues (RECQL, BLM, WRN, RECQ4, and RECQ5). Loss-of-function mutations in BLM, WRN, and RECQ4 give rise to Bloom's syndrome (BS), Werner's syndrome (WS), and Rothmund-Thomson syndrome (RTS)....all are cancer susceptibility disorders. Fascinating stuff, and, by the way, Alex co-discovered BLAP75 with Weidong's lab.

March 15th: Extra Meeting. Please join the weekly lab meeting of the Hoatlin Lab (MRB 634 at 1:30-3PM) for the review of the highlights of the Cancer Susceptibility Special Conference by Maureen Hoatlin. Warning: Pictures of DNA repair luminaries in skimpy bathing suits might be displayed.

March 7th: Guest speaker Dr. Stephen Kowalczykowski from the University of California, Davis "Recombinational DNA Repair: Visualization at the Single-Molecule Level" Host: M. Hoatlin (BMB)

February 28th: Stacie Stone (Hoatlin Lab, BMB) will give perspectives and background in preparation for the visit of Stephen Kowalczykowski (UC Davis). Dr. Kowalczykowski’s lab has made major contributions to understanding how certain dual DNA helicases unwind duplex DNA, motoring with great speed along antiparallel tracks.

February 7th: Henri Van de Vrugt (Grompe Lab, MMG) will lead the discussion on assessing new insights and perspectives about the connection between the BACH1 helicase and BRCA1 in the Fanconi Pathway.

February 3rd: Our first speaker this year will be Julie Bailis, PhD from the Salk Institute. The title is "The DNA damage response during replication." This talk will be at a special time, Friday February 3 at 2PM in MRB 634. I have attached 3 review articles suggested by Julie that I hope will prepare you for the type of lively and interactive discussion we have enjoyed in our past meetings. Related papers will be emailed in a timely fashion for the following sessions. Host: M. Hoatlin (BMB)

2005 (The Beginning...)

8/9/05. H. Van de Vrugt (Grompe Lab). Review of FASEB Meeting on Recombination and DNA Repair, Part Duex.

8/2/05. Alex Sobeck (Hoatlin lab). Review of FASEB Meeting on Recombination and DNA Repair.

7/19/05. M. Hoatlin (Hoatlin Lab). DNA Helicases

7/12/05. Dan Pankratz (Thayer Lab). Recombination.

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